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Roathcardiff site makeover

Its been a long time coming but roathcardiff has been commissioned for a full site makeover. In the mean time watch this space.


Open for Business

New Business page database, now active check out our business lists

Welcome to the new site dedicated to Roath in Cardiff. Every week we will bring you the latest in what’s happening in the Roath area. There are links to pubs, restaurants, shops, courses, sports and just about everything we can squeeze in. The aim is to bring you a guide to the area so that residents and visitors can enjoy it as much as we do!


Lattes and Cappuccinos

 It seems the new craze in Roath is Coffee Houses. They’re popping up everywhere. See our list of where to get your caffeine fix


Its all in the Past

Roath is sizzling with history from the origins of it's name to it's rural beginnings. We get down and dirty with Roath’s history

I need a drink

There are a huge number of pubs and bars around Roath so you need never go thirsty


What’s in the High Street?

Wellfield road is an oasis of quirky shops. There are lots of places to spend your hard earned cash

Park Life

Adventure playgrounds, secret paths, botanical gardens, lakes, tennis courts and bowling greens. There's more to explore than just city life




No site is complete without a gallery so feel free to browse ours

Real Cardiff

An article about Roath's history and the local community, written by the poet, critic, author and literary entrepreneur Peter Finch


Map it Out

A growing business map using satellite imaging to show exactly where places are in Roath