Parks & Gardens

Cardiff, a capital which has earned itself a reputation as the City Of Parks has over 10% of land dedicated to parks and gardens. That's over 2700 acres. In Roath alone lies some of the most glorious and most popular parks of all. Ranging from lakes and rose gardens to football and rugby pitches, Roath is definitely not short of parks and gardens.

Roath Park

Roath LakeClick here for full size map

The lake

Roath Park is one of the most popular parks in Cardiff, drawing in  crowds all year round. Opened in 1894, the park hosts one of the largest man made lakes in the country. A 30 acre lake was formed in the park by the damming of the Nant Fawr stream. The lake is popular with fishermen and boaters. A lighthouse has been erected in tribute to Captain Scott, who set sail on his ill-fated voyage to the Antarctic from Cardiff in 1910. The lighthouse contains a scale model of the Terra Nova ship as a memorial to Captain Scott.


The Islands

Set up to conserve the rare wildlife that inhabits them the islands, four in total, have a wide selection of birds that visit and nest on them all year round.


The Gardens

It took seven long years to transform the marshy bog-land into the wildlife haven that Roath Park is today. Donated to the Cardiff Corporation by the Marquis of Bute, the park stretches for 130 acres. There are rose and dahlia gardens, wildflower gardens and a playground.

The Greenhouse

There is a glasshouse in Roath Park which was built in Victorian times. It contains many unusual species of plants and trees such as palms, banana trees and orchids. A pond forms an interesting feature, containing fish, whistling ducks and terrapins. There is also the chance to talk with the botanical assistants about your own garden.



The southern end of the park contains sports pitches available for many different activities such as football, baseball and rugby. High quality bowling greens and tennis courts are provided in the central section of the park.

There are boats which can be hired out and used upon the lake. The lake is also home to a local radio controlled boat society and is used for fishing throughout the year. Children are not forgotten - there are two very well equipped playgrounds which are always well used.